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City or regional beer, barley wine and specialty beer

Specialty beer

Alcohol by volume percentage

Alcohol by volume percentage: 8.50 %


All year round

How to serve

  1. It all starts with a Duvel that has been stored upright in a cool place. Otherwise, the yeast at the bottom of the bottle will be mixed with the beer.
  2. The Duvel is ready to drink if it has been chilled in the refrigerator to the ideal temperature of +/- 4°C . What is equally important is a clean, dry Duvel glass at room temperature.
  3. A beer that takes 90 days to brew should be poured with respect, so take your time and pour the beer slowly into the glass that is held at a slight angle.
  4. Avoid contact between the bottle and the glass and gradually lift the bottle a bit higher to form a full, creamy head.
  5. You should also leave approximately 1 cm of beer in the bottle. This contains the yeast which can make the beer somewhat cloudy and bitter.
  6. For a rich, full head, slowly straighten the glass to an upright position. A head forms that ideally should start at the height of the Duvel-logo. Do not allow the beer to foam excessively but pour until it reaches just below the edge of the glass.
  7. Admire and enjoy. To your health!



Character, taste and flavour

Smell: Dry.

Taste: Slightly fruity, hoppy.

Aftertaste: Slightly bitter.

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Top fermentation with secondary fermentation in the bottle


Barley, yeast, saaz hop, styrian Golding hop, sugar, water

Available in

33 cl bottle, 75 cl bottle, 1,5 L bottle


The secret of Duvel’s subtle bitterness resides in the hop and yeasts used during the brewing process. The yeast are cultivated from the same source that Albert Moortgat brought with him from Scotland in 1918. Duvel owes its sophisticated taste to the unique bottle conditioning process of 90 days: after 2 weeks in the “warm cellars” where a second fermentation occurs, the beer stays in the “cold cellars” for another 6 weeks. Only then is it ready to be shipped and appreciated around the world.

Duvel is indeed a devilish beer, full of contrasts and surprising discoveries. Its golden-coloured appearance, delicate sparkle and refi ned, silky taste with complex aromas hides an 8,5% alcohol content. Lush aromas include citrus, apple, hops and yeast. Flavours of pale malt appear throughout, with strong yeast, hops and alcohol notes. The 8,5 ABV kicks in mid-palate, warming to the end. Thanks to the balance between its fi ne aroma sublte bitterness, Duvel occupies a unique position in the rich Belgian Beer tradition.

Duvel’s distinctive head is created through a magical process of bottle fermentation.

“Innocent-looking but in reality extremely potent, Duvel is one of the world’s greatest Ales” (A connaisseur’s guide to the World’s best beers, Christopher Lynch)


For beers that are refermented in the bottle, the bottles should be kept vertically so that the yeast sediment stays at the bottom of the bottle.

Duvel is far more than a passion for beer. It is a real passion for good taste. Each year, a host of international artists are contributing designs revolving around the Duvel glass for the Duvel Collection. Discover this limited edition series and enjoy this special collaboration with us. Visit www.duvelcollection.com

Duvel Collection


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